On Friday, September 2, 2011 the Roseart Company introduced the newest line of collectibles made by one of the Roseart owners, Mark Platko. Being a skillful craftsman & versed in woodworking he has an eye for detail & demands exceptional quality products. The wood he chose is from Bradford's Curly Maple trees. These originate from the Alleghany Forest & are also known as Ripple Maple or Flamed Maple trees due to the wood fibres growing in wavy lines. But the real beauty of this wood turns out after the grinding & the buffing, resulting in a shiny undulated pattern like soft waves or flames.

On that account this wood has its own history as source material for Kentucky rifles, fine furniture & musical instruments such as violins & guitars, for example the legendary Gibson Les Paul Standard.

This is a very low manufacturing run offered in two colors: Gold & Natural. Only 6 of the Tall Gold, 12 of the Tall Natural, 9 of the short Gold & 8 of the short Natural table lighters were made which means there are only 6 sets in the Gold & 8 sets in the Natural.  What is truly unique about the tall table lighters is that "Vintage" bases from the 1959 era were used from the Roseart archives. The bottom of these bases were stamped with 2011 so collectors can distinguish them from vintage pieces. In addition to the table lighters 25 Gold pocket emblems & 25 Natural pocket emblems were made. The new limited edition Curly Maple sets will be debuted at the Roseart Lighter & Knife Show on September 16th in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

Curly Maple Gold tall table lighter with vintage base (1 of 6)

vintage Roseart tall table lighter base stamped 2011

Curly Maple Gold short table lighter (1 of 9)

Curly Maple Gold emblem Zippo lighter (1 of 25)

Curly Maple Natural tall table lighter with vintage base (1 of 12)

Curly Maple Natural short table lighter (1 of 8)

Curly Maple Natural short table lighter base dated 2011

Curly Maple Natural emblem Zippo lighter (1 of 25)