Another discovery the new owners made while digging through the archives of Philip M. Rose
were some original, orangish plastic flames.

These stylish accessoires were placed in Roseart table lighters for trade show & retailer showcase displays & can also be found in various pieces of company promotional paperwork.

Keeping with this tradition Roseart displayed some of these original flames at the Zippo/Case Swap Meet in 2002. The collectors' interest was so great that Mark Platko decided to recreate the original flame. By creating a mold from a vintage flame he successfully made a limited edition with packaging of approximately 642 commemorative flames very close to the original version.

vintage display flame

re-designed version


These flames were debuted at the lighter show held in July 2003 at the Best Western in Bradford. Due to the enormous collectors' interest the re-designed flames were very well received & sold out shortly after this show selling for $8.00 each.

Mark Platko thought why not recreate a brand new flame as many people think of the flame when they think of Zippo lighters. The flame has been part of the Zippo logo for years & is now being recognized as Zippo on its own. So the Roseart owners met with Violet Snyder of the Licensing department at Zippo & discussed this opportunity. Zippo blessed the idea & granted the Roseart Company a licensing agreement to use the flame. So Mark went to work on designing the flame to scale with Zippo's Trademark flame based on drawings he received from Zippo.

The new flames, now more red in color instead of orange compared to the Roseart flames, were introduced at the Zippo/Case International Swap Meet in 2004.


A limited "lit" edition of 100 pieces only was offered at this Swap Meet, fashioned by Mark Platko with a small battery powered led light that sold out within the first day of the show.