For many years this table lighter exsited only in a single photograph of a Vermont Verde model &
some hand-drawn pastel art works, which the new owners found in 2000.

They always had the hope that one day they would find that Laurel obscured in the archives.

Philip M. Rose had a passion for art & from his study he learned that since the ancient Greece &
ancient Rome later on the Laurel leaf & the Laurel wreath were used as a symbol for perfection
victory, immortality & achievement, expressing that a person, no matter if a king or the simple
man, gained fame & honour. The architecture & art of the baroque & art nouveau era used the
Laurel leaf in paintings, statuary, stuccoed ceilings, outside facades & interior designs.

Influenced by the simple beauty & meaning of this ornamental element, Mr. Rose chose for
a Laurel leaf design for
the metal base & trim of his now known initial design table lighter
which he appropriately named Laurel.



The picture of the Vermont Verde Laurel that was found while sorting the estate.



The original pastel artwork of the Laurel that Mr. Rose had shown to Mr. Howard Yates,
Vice President of Zippo at that time. Mr. Yates signed & dated the artwork 9-4-57
in the top right corner showing his approval.





On July 3, 2003, the four owners were digging through the archives hoping to find
some treasures before National Zippo Day. And that day their dream fulfilled.

Neatly tucked away in a nice taped boxed, simply labeled 1960, which was the year they
were packaged & placed in the vault, they found 22 original Laurel table lighters.



Of the 22, there is only one Norwegian Pink lighter (with a signature), six Franciscan lighters
(one with a signature), five Vermont Verde lighters (one with a signature), five Lafayette
lighters (one with a signature) and five Galilee lighters. Mr. Rose had them mounted in four different metal finishes: Antique Brass, Satin Brass, High Polish Brass and Chrome.


Only 4 of the 22 have the stamp on the bottom that says PAT PENDING R PHILIP M ROSE.


The original Laurel table lighters were never marketed or sold to the best of the new owners
knowledge. Mr. Rose recalled his initial design assuming it to be way too heavy as a daily user
due to the massive marble body & the added solid metal base & trim. In addition to that the
production was expensive & the resulting price for the consumer would have been prohibitive.

To say the least, they were thrilled with this find. Immediately, they had the lighters

photographed by Steve Mahon, who did photography work for Zippo Mfg. Co.

the only known to exist Norwegian Pink Laurel table lighter


one of only five existing Galilee models (satin brass finish trim & base)


one of only six existing Franciscan models (antique brass finish trim & base)


one of only five existing Lafayette models (high polish brass finish trim & base)


one of only five existing Vermont Verde models (chrome finish trim & base)

The five different original Laurel table lighters as showcased in Roseart's showroom.



Comparing the patent drawings to the manufactured Laurel table lighters
there is one sharp distinction that is worth to be mentioned here too:

the Laurel was supposed to have its own lid in a way similar to the lid that was
used on the Lady Bradford table lighters but for some reason was discarded.